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Venice In The Morning Light - Day 2 Begins

  I am up before sunrise and out the door in the earliest light of day, ready to check this city out. The Piazza San Marco is literally at the end of our short calle so I am there in no time at all and the space is practically empty. Even the pigeons are mostly, somewhere else. The red chairs of Caffè Quadri and yellow chairs of Caffè Lavena, Piazza San Marco The coloured chairs of the famous cafes are still out in neat rows but the cafe's are closed, the arcades are dark. There is a purple hue in the sky as dawn breaks. Without all the people it is easier to appreciate the grandeur and scale of the square. It's classical facades, the rows of arched windows of the Procuratie vecchie that seem a nearly infinite repeat of arches and columns. It is just a quick, early look before heading back later with Vivienne for our first Venice photoshoot. I grab some snaps as I scope out locations for shots; there is already some bridal party activity happening. It will still be

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